Drupal has a lot to offer, and there’s a huge need to communicate to non-drupal folks what we can do for them, and why we’re great at it.

Drupal has been around for more than 20 years now and although it’s being used by some of the top organizations around the world today, there still seems to be a lack of awareness of how powerful Drupal really is. We need to see a higher adoption rate and that can only happen when folks outside the Drupal bubble realize the benefits and features Drupal has to offer.

Marketing Directors, Tech Leads and ambitious developers are out there evaluating Drupal (or even worse, not even aware of its powerful advantages). Are we showing our best?

This is the chance for marketing and communication teams to get involved in giving back! The Promote Drupal Initiative is a group of volunteers with varied skillsets and experiences focused on promoting Drupal to a wider audience. We are looking to grow this team and we need the talents of anyone that:

  • Loves drupal and understands what are its key differentiators against our competitors.
  • Has a knack for writing, public speaking and translating technical content into straightforward language.
  • Stays up to date with the latest blogs, social media and events happening in the Drupal sphere and beyond!
  • Has UX and graphic design skills!
  • It’s interested in technical marketing: research, metrics and data analysis.

What’s in it for you?

  • A chance to improve marketing and communication skills
  • Build a network of technology leaders in the community
  • Become a thought leader in the open-source community
  • Get recognized and appreciated for your work

Come learn more about the Promote Drupal Initiative and its three working groups/committees:

  1. The Evaluator Marketing Committee
  2. The Drupal Ambassadors Committee
  3. The Strategic Initiatives Marketing Committee