Welcome to the Drupal Contribution Platform!

Whether it is writing code for new features, testing that new code, finding bugs, documenting how to use Drupal, building marketing resources for organizations to use, providing learning and education, or mentoring others building their skills in any of these ways

… there is a place for you to make your mark.


The Drupal Code of Conduct applies here.

Our three steps to success using this contribution website

1. Create yourself an account

We hope to connect this website to your drupal.org account at some point in the future for single sign-on so it is wise to use the same username here as you have there.

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2. Watch our videos, introducing the Drupal.org issue queues and how we collaborate.

The Drupal community use a project system of issues to help us all know what needs working on - everybody is encouraged to create and comment on issues for every action they take to contribute to the Drupal project.

Watch the videos.

3. Decide where to go next:

I want to attend a contribution event

Awesome! Attending contribution events is a great way to start your contribution experience, to meet other people contributing, or to help and mentor other new contributors.

We list below a series of contribution events that are either coming up soon or are already ongoing. Take a look, join the group, join events within the group and participate!

I want to organise a Contribution Event

Great! Organizing events is a wonderful way to contribute to the Drupal project.

For advice on how to best create a space on this platform to coordinate a contribution event, please join the Drupal #contribution-events Slack channel!.